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Who is InterBand?

InterBand was founded in Yokohama, Japan in 1992 by Professor Nobuhiko SUTO of Tokai University in order to respond to the mushrooming regional conflicts in Post Cold War Period by the efforts of Japanese scholars and citizens who have keen concern to the peace and human rights issues of the World. It started by advocacy and Early Warning of conflicts or violation of human rights to Japanese and International society, but it gradually developed to a unique CSO ( Civil Society Organization) specialized in conflict prevention and support for PCPB( Post Conflict Peace Building) activities in conflict affected countries such as Mozambique, Rwanda, Bosnia and Cambodia.

After the first involvement of the Election Observation Mission in Haiti in 1995 , it participated in a number of important election observations co-working with Thailand-based NGO:ANFREL( Asian Network of Free Elections) in Cambodia (1998) ,Indonesia(1999) ,East Timor (1999), Sri Lanka (2000) etc… Through those experiences, InterBand became very active in capacity building and support for the democratization of difficult societies.

Since 2000, InterBand devoted itself to an experimental pilot project of DDR( Disarmament, Demobilization, Reintegration) in a rural community of Northern Cambodia, supplying small funds and training to ex-soldiers and their families for rehabilitation of household economy and for improving motivation and morale for independence. This three years project gave enormous information and insight to InterBand in choosing focal objectives and in providing a kind of Safety Net to a community and families who suffer the worst conditions with least resources.

InterBand has been interested in Aceh Province since late 1990s because of political sensitivity and sent an election observer to Banda Aceh at the time of historic general election in 1999. Facing the outbreak of Tsunami disaster and knowing the difficulties of rehabilitation and reconstruction, InterBand decided to concentrate its resources to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Aceh mobilizing its know-how, human resources and network.

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